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BMW S1000XR white fairing

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Reference : S1000XRBL
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BMW S1000XR white fairing

RSX now offers an option of installing the deco kit on your machine for 50 € including transport.


How to proced

Get your deco kit with installation option. 


Everything is taken care of. 

Simply place your fairing in a post office 

using the good deposit that we provide. 


Receive one week later your fairing with the deco kit installed.


Poses performed by professionals. 


APoses performed by professionals 

Adaptation stickers if imcompatibilités of curves. 


Adjustment based on colorimetry your fairing.


Period of ultra rapid achieving

3 days went transport (laposte).


1 days for laying kit.


3 days return transport (laposte) 



Our Deco- Kit 


Méthodes et spécificités :

A simple painting white or black base enough to put our kits and get an exceptional decoration, installation is very easy thanks to our technology bubble-vinyl (buble free) and conformable (mid covering) to the fairing. This technology creates parts with large, easy to install and sizes and cover up to 90% of the surface of the fairings.


* All kits come deco cut and ready to be glued. 

* If you drop our kit Retail (5 parts fork crown, blank, STORAGE TANK, boot and rear seat) that can not buy a complete kit deco.


Customization option: 

More color options available, an option of additional customization is possible: 

Background color (to match your fairing) graph color, add your logos, or delete all the markings provided for all questions do not hesitate to contact us.


See the tutorial for customizing deco kits.

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BMW S1000XR white fairing


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BMW S1000XR white fairing
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